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Selling a Game: What do you want to know about Aetherverse? | Titanium Spork Gaming

Selling a Game: What do you want to know about Aetherverse?

With the design and writing portion of Aetherverse complete, other than the expected editing and continued revision, it’s time for me to start moving on with getting the word out that the game exists. This is part of the long, steady push towards doing a Kickstarter for a “pretty” digital copy and print book, so it is fairly important that a wide audience at the very least knows about the game system and what it is all about. To that end, I’m asking the community what they like to know about a game system before they consider putting time and thought into playing it. Please share your questions and thoughts either as a response to this post, or by posting a response in this forum thread.

These can be questions that you have about this game system in particular, or it can just be a rhetorical question that you like to see answered regarding any ruleset you might consider playing. You don’t even need to post questions, but instead share the expectations that you have for a game’s selling points (battle reports, demos, etc). Linking to examples out there of clever or interesting game websites is welcome as well, if you saw something particularly clever or eye-catching. This also is not limited to miniature games, either: I consider Aetherverse to be focused on being a “rules system” which makes selling it have more in common with role playing games or board games, rather than the average wargame that is largely an excuse to push lead.

There are a few things that I know I’ll need to be putting together over the next month or so:
-A battle report or two
-A revision of the Army Design System demo
-A brief summary of all of the game’s features

However there are many different expectations among gamers regarding what they want to know about a new system, so that’s why this topic exists.

One Response to Selling a Game: What do you want to know about Aetherverse?

  1. Your bonuses for the Army Characteristic Technological are consistent, could you please clarify the stat bonuses as I wish to create an army with this rule.

    Creating a vehicle page 50

    The vehicle isalso affected by
    Army Characteristics that
    change the stats of Support units (such as
    Technological’s granting of +2 TEK).

    Army Characteristics page 56

    Technological: +1 TEK, -2 CON. Swap
    basic unit minimums for Elite and
    Support units.

    Gobban Saer pg 106

    +1 TEK, -2 STR. Swap the basic unit
    requirements for Elite and Support units.

    My only other issue is that aside from personalities, you have not explained how Elite, Support and Vehicle units gain their wounds points, this is very confusing since I have seen examples in the army lists later in the pdf of Support and elite units that were not personalities that have 2-3 wounds each. Is this meant to be gained by taking the heavier Armour traits?

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